Delta Free Press

With all the projects I have on the go you would think that I wouldn't take on another one, but I have. Local politics here in Tsawwassen have fired my passion to speak out. There's a large plot of farmland here called the Southlands that has been owned by a developer and allowed to lay fallow for the last 20 years in the hopes that one day his speculation would pay off. Well, he's made another attempt at convincing city hall to allow this farm to grow houses instead of food. Needless to say I have begun a letter writing campaign to the local papers but I have yet to get anything published. Anyone who knows me knows that there is no way I would allow my opinions to be silenced. Therefore in addition to writing my letters to the paper I have started my own local newspaper online as an outlet for my opinions and thoughts.
I would encourage you to check it out. It's still in the works and I always welcome any comments or criticisms you may have.
OK... I welcome the comments anyways.
Check it out and tell me what you think. It's aptly name the Delta Free Press because it doesn't cost me anything to run it.


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